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Thursday, April 14th, 2005

A heartfelt apology to Sarge the band, Elizabeth and all of the fans of Sarge that Sarge has confused. I am very sorry.

so umm things changed a bit this week. Sarge is no longer Sarge and Sarge remains Sarge. ha. There was some confusion and the former band Sarge asked Sarge what the hell he was doing. Sarge had plans of slapping a TM on there, but the band is still selling cds on iTunes. So the band remains Sarge and the music of Elijah B Torn shall search for another alias, another character, another moniker etc. Hope the few people who know of elijah’s Sarge can follow me through the transition. That would be awesome. CANTSTOPEATING will continue to sell the Shukar Rough cd until they are gone. I am super impressed and rather proud of the fact that solo Sarge got enough hype to catch the eye/ear of Band Sarge and that they were actually able to contact me. ahhhh the interweb. but Again i am very sorry for the confusion.

- elijah b torn


Shukar Rough on Sale!!!

Monday, April 4th, 2005

Shukar Rough on sale now at CANTSTOPEATING. 9 tracks and 1 actionfigure.

The show at the Tank was great and I had a blast. Thanks to the loyal Sarge troops for coming out in the rain to listen. SO glad to see people enjoy the music and i am looking forward to playing again soon. Always a blast to play with the Fist too. We shot video of the performance and i will be putting parts of it up on the site asap. Sarge is going to be working on a split 12″ with Tomo as soon as i can find time to unpack my rig and write some new stuff. Also going to be doing a split with Hellhoundonmytrail. umm cause it will be awesome.

Theycontrol and CANTSTOPEATING present SARGE, Octofist and Hellhoundonmytrail at The Tank on March 31st. 10pm. This show will mark the official release of Sarge’s Shukar Rough, mastered by Splattercell and out on CANTSTOPEATING.