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Miami Pics

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

South Beach

Sha’ul aka Contra (sorry i missed your set dude, im sure it kicked a great deal of ass)

i dont doubt it was an inside job-

the voice of reason-

the venue to not be named-

TFO and Renzo (Hydroplane)-

Miami kids including Renzo (Hydroplane), Revolutionary, Brendan of Wicked Dream Foundation and The Voice of Reason pre Cuban food-

at the beach in the Ft. of Lauderdale

Rip Currents-

the beach-

the more beach

driving to D.C. (Savanah GA)

more driving-

our car-

more driving-

my new haircut-


DC sunset-

David TFO and me-

TFO playing in D.C. with visuals courtesy of Black Ops-

me playing in D.C.-

thank you Neda for bringing out the heads!!!

prebirthday cupcake!-

and back in nyc and man its BRICK!!


Tour with the FLight ORchestra

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

so the tour ended with much humor and no drama. Miami was a bit of a disappointment as the venue stuck us with a bummer of a last minute deal. if that had been the deal from the beginning we wouldnt have agreed to play so we didnt play. we got to hangout with Brendan (wicked dream foundation), Renzo (Hydroplane), The Voice of Reason and the Revolutionary. we ate some badass cuban food and had some cafe. plus i got to see the family. hanging with them and getting good food made the trip worthwhile.

on the way north we saw a bad and bloody multi car accident. always sobering when you have been living out of a car for almost two weeks. hope everyone was ok.

anyway- the DC show was rad. Black Ops set was amazing, especially with Doug playing an electric upright bass. We also had a kickass jam session at the end.

so the tour is over (for now- look out west coast) and we had a great time. a mega huge thanks to - Chris Miller, Lenny Perlman, Brandon for putting me on the right sleep schedule, Adam (Viirus), Ruth, Laura, Elora, El Zombo, MR. Spagandy!, Sidecar Racer, Koabra, Alto Clark aka Ben and the lovely Fany for letting us stay in Tampa, Biepang and GogoPod, Kush Wonder & Melissa, Sherry, Disembodied Voices, Sephiroth Chorus, Priscilla, Sir Honey, Wildflower, Broken Link, Mike, Vinnie Castiligone, Cindy, A_Scissors (Brian), Mr. Acronym, Jen, Tanya at Peacock Room, Ayanna, Leslie Coons, Adrian aka Zone3, Gabe, Allen Welty Green, Nerd Parade, People who showed up to see us play in Atlanta, Brendan, Rolando, Renzo, Voice of Reason, The Revolutionary, MidAir, Namebrand, Doug of 302acid, Mrs. Doug of 302Acid, Gideon, Annie, Pav, James, Bennett, everyone who came to the shows, anyone i forgot, anyone whos name i didnt learn and of course-
my wife Meredith, family and friends for supporting us and well shit- thanks to David aka The Flight Orchestra for making this trip go smoothly and just plain having a kickass time! uhhhhh Crane Technique!


More Tour Pics

Friday, January 19th, 2007

here are some pics from the Orlando show with A_Scissors and Mr. Antonym at the Peacock Room. Mr. Spagandy decided to destroy a laptop. it was fantastic.

Also some pics from the show in ATL at The Eyedrum. It was a low turn out but check out this review from Chante at Creative Loafing’s Bad Habits blog. Click here to read what she had to say about my performance. Thanks also to Zone3 for coming out.

more in depth writing and pic captions to come once i land back in nyc!

also check out The Flight Orchestra’s blog for more pics and some pics of my performances as well-

The Flight Orchestra’s Blog
fake broken ankle

mr. spagandy & A_Scissors

Mr. Spagandy breaking someone’s laptop

A_Scissors ripping shit up

Mr. Spagandy with The Flight Orchestra

Cockroach with The Flight Orchestra

Mr. Spagandy with The Flight Orchestra

Mr. Spagandy

Yours Truly

The Flight Orchestra

Chris Miller (Electronic Subsouth founder), The Flight Orchestra and me

Chris Miller (Electronic Subsouth), The Flight Orchestra and my eye

Chris Miller (Electronic Subsouth) and The Flight Orchestra

the Flight Orchestra

driving out of Orlando

Eyedrum in Atlanta


The Flight Orchestra @ Eyedrum

leaving Atlanta


Yup, Tour Pics

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

here are some random pics from our day off in gainesville between the Jacksonville show and Tampa as well as some pics from our show in Tampa at Viva La Frida with Alto Clark (who absolutely blew us away) and Biepang (who was terrfyingly awesome, they tore it up.)

on our day off we hungout, went for a run, eat some of Lenny’s fine homecooked vegetarian meals as well as the Natto that he got for us. Hung out at his art/science studio Light in Progress with him, Electronic Sub South founder Chris Miller, The Viirus and Koabra. Freaking great time with those guys.

next up Orlando—-……

veggie food at Lenny’s

The Viirus

Night off at Light in Progress (left to right- Koabra, Chris Miller, Lenny and Adam aka the Viirus

working on a new we.are.a.rook song

fun with black lights

more fun with black lights

Viva La Frida in Tampa

long shot of Viva La Frida

outdoor stage at Viva La Frida

fire pit

Alto Clark setting up

Alto Clark, The Flight Orchestra and me

Biepang getting the groove on

Alto Clark and his lovely lady Fany (thanks for putting up with our sad excuse for humor! hope you like those books!)

Alto Clark kicking out the good stuff

more awesomeness

no seriously this guy fucked it up.

Biepang and some weirdo

yeah seriously- a conga line broke out

tampa was a bit chilly

drink those vitamins!

i see something Disney on the Horizon

on our way to Orlando!


All Them Tour Pics

Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

so David aka The Flight Orchestra arrived on thursday afternoon. we then proceeded to play at Goodbye Blue Monday with Jack Ryon aka Sir Honey with Martin Keith and Dave Bodi. Also following us was The Holy Experiment. we got a few hours of sleep, loaded up the car on friday morning and drove straight down to Gainesville.

It was about 17hours to Florida and wasnt that bad. however right on the Florida/Georgia border at around 330 we pulled over to go to the bathroom. David went down to the fence by the side of the road. I was by the car when out of nowhere another car pulled off the road ahead of us. it then started backing up. i thought it was going to be a cop and got worried he wouldnt be too friendly to yankees like myself. then the car started going backwards faster and faster and i realized that not only was it NOT a cop, that it was also prob gonna hit our car. the car stopped about two feet from us and a tweaked out guy who was sunnin’ and gunnin’ (aka sleeveless tshirt) and half mumbled something AT us. David asked for a clarification while i considered jumping across the passenger seat straight to the driver seat. The guy muttered something again which sounded like “are you straight?” to which David questioned again. By this time I was around the other side of the car and yelled at David to just get in the car and we took off. the adrenaline from that got us the rest of the way there. We decided that the guy was just high and stopped to see if we needed some help. but when we told this story to the peoples of Florida we were informed that “scraight” meant drugs and he might have been asking if “we were scraight” and needed some crack or meth or what have you. it was possible that either he was so high he thought it would be good to sell to random peoples on the side of the road or we had inadvertently stumbled into a drop spot. Either way we were not “scraight”. we also almost hit a dog that got hit by a car in front of us. that was sad.

we crashed at Chris Miller (founder of Electronic Subsouth’s) house that morning and slept most of Saturday. We awoke to go to Lenny’s Studio “Light in Progress” for a pre show party with drinks of science from the science bar. The show kicked ass much and the Aliens and Spangandy made wonderful performances (see pics). It was really hot and humid in the venue but everyone seemed to have a great time. From there it was a little more sleep and off to Jacksonville for the show at Jack Rabbit’s sunday night. This was the first non-Gainesville ESS show and it went off very well in my opinion plus it was awesome caravaning out there. Disembodied Voices and Sidecar Racer also performed and i cant thank Mr. Spagandy enough for stalling in such a beautiful manner whilst i solved technical difficulties. After the show we packed it up, had some waffle house and caravaned back to Gainesville. Chris almost hit a white cat on the highway and then of course we almost did as well. no animals were harmed this time.

much huge thanks to Electronic Subsouth, Chris Miller and Lenny!!!

the illustrious Slatkin-

Sirhoney aka Jack Ryon w/Martin Keith and Dave Bodi

stinking it up at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn-

my set at Goodbye Blue Monday

South of the Border

were the Residents in Florida?

shovel tree

punk flamingos


creepy neighbor

The Flight Orchestra @ Light in Progress

Electronic Sub South

just in case

catching lightning bugs in Florida with ESS founder Chris Miller and TFO

seriously disgusting bathroom in Gainesville

seriously disgusting bathroom in Gainesville

Mr. Spagandy Pre-show

me and TFO post show

the fabulous photographer Elora and El Zombo!

Merch table?

Mr. Spagandy (note the skull on his cane)

TFO kicking ass

TFO kicking more ass


Alien interference on the set?

aliens in the crowd

TFO kicking ass

more of the Being

TFO’s set ill-uminating the stage


Being from Klystron7


TFO on camera

me and El Zombo

The Flight Orchestra

some heads

a duel?

outside of 1982’s post show

driving to Jacksonville

a turd

our flyer in Jack Rabbit’s


Tour Schedule and Eggnog

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Hello everyone! hope the holidays are filled with eggnogg goodneses! 2007 brings with it my tour with The Flight Orchestra! here are the tour dates thus far-

January 04 2007 Thursday 09:00 PM - Brooklyn New York- Goodbye Blue Monday
January 06 2007 Saturday 08:00 PM -Gainesville Florida- Electronic Sub South @ 1982
January 07 2007 Sunday 08:00 PM - Jacksonville Florida -Jack Rabbits
January 10 2007 Wednesday 08:00 PM - Tampa, Florida- Viva La Frida
January 11 2007 Thursday 08:00 PM - Orlando, Florida - Peacock Room
January 12 2007 Thursday 08:00 PM - Atlanta, Georgia - Eyedrum
January 14 2007 Sunday 08:00 PM - Miami, Florida - Churchill’s Pub
January 16 2007 Tuesday 10:00 PM Washington D.C.- Warehouse Theater
January 19 2007 Friday 08:00 PM Baltimore, Maryland -Baltitronic tba

Also performing-

Brooklyn- Sir Honey, Nate Mars and special guests

ESS in Gainesville- R.Garcia and Neuborn

Miami- The Wicked Dream Foundation, Contra, Midair & Abstract

D.C.- Black Ops +Special guests