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i’m playing the Warper Party 3rd Anniversary!

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Two quick things-

FIRST: I will be doing a DJ set at APT on Thursday January 29th around 9pmish in the Meatpacking district of the NYC! woohoo! APT has been the home to DJ greats such as Bobbito, Ursula1000 and Chairman Mao. This event is hosted by the all mighty Dubspot.

For those of you who don’t yet know-DubSpot is a world-class electronic music production and DJ institute in New York City. Most importantly, DubSpot is a growing community of musicians, visual artists, DJs, audio technology professionals, industry veteran producers, and enthusiasts of all genres who all have one thing in common: a love for music. Basically- if you want start to DJ or produce electronic music or hone your skills of audio destruction- this is THE place to learn. they have awesome facilties, the most kickass staff you will meet and a cafe!

I will be Djng some hiphop, IDM, classic soul and reggae, jams, breaks, cuts, experimental nonsense! Click here to get listen to an idea of what I’ll be throwing down.

SECOND: I will be performing/playing the music of myself- WEDNESDAY- February 4th- It is the 3rd Anniversary of the Warper Party!!! This is huge!! 3 years!!! It’s back at the Delancey where it got itself named of TimeOutNY’s party MUST GO TO’s!!! The parties have only gotten more banannas and the community is stronger than ever!!

I will be performing/playing at 9:50 downstairs BUT the whole night is gonna be a combination of Warper All-stars and blazing new-comers! From “The Overclock Orchestra’s highly anticipated return to renowned Dj Shakey, the notorious- !nclude, the brains behind Hobo-tek- Jon Margulies as well as - Plus VJs’, art installations, light installations and other rawesome activities!

AND i have all my ducks in line so to speak! I have restocked my new “album” You Are Lucky I am Not a Vigilante in its duck form!@ so you purchase one (or two) up at the Warper! (also on iTunes- click the link on the sidebar=>

hope you are all having a lovely 2009 even though time does both exist and non-exist. anything is compossible!



check out for full lineup!


EBT @ Spike Hill in Brooklyn w/Hans Blix & Gold Streets, Rubber Ducks, NASA and Vigilantes?

Thursday, January 1st, 2009


Hey People of the Future!

2009 is all up on us and unless you are a Microsoft Zune than we are all recovered from eggnog-holiday gift-wrapped goodness and right back to work/school! So Let’s ring in the start of a new Year with some live music!

Saturday January 10th, 200Nine-
Spike Hill
184 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn NY
8pm- Elijah B Torn (your humble narrator)
9pm- Gold Streets
10pm- Hans Blix

I have yet to see Gold Streets but apparently they kick much ass. I always love me some Hans Blix! They always kick ass live and you can purchase their album (that I mixed) or check out some of their new material here. kickass.

also- For “You Are Lucky I am Not a Vigilante”, I did chose NOT to make any CD’s and put my album on iTunes as a digital only release. However you can still pick one up at my shows in a very special form…

what is the best way to hide contraband?! in Toys of course!!

so….I chose to put my album as fully CD quality 16bit 44k aiff files on a 2GB usb mini drive INSIDE a special Elijah B Torn rubbery ducky! Since it is a harddrive with more than enough room this also has pre-ripped unlocked mp3s, the preview video, FULL quality artwork (so you can print it out and put it on your college dorm wall next to Van Gogh and Bob?) AS well as a super special old school interactive printout you can put in the MAILbox and send to people you love (to hate)! PLUS its a reuseable 2GB harddrive!!! all for the low low price of a CD!!! (cat not included)

it seems that NASA seemed to have a similar idea too….click here