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new EP!!! Bunker Fallout!!!

Thursday, December 17th, 2009


the ’00s were a crazy ten years but you survived em!

Take a break from the shopping and wood chopping! Kick back, curl up with a foil blanket, drink some dehydrated 8bit-eggnog and celebrate with some good old-fashioned post-apocalypso, canned and chipped ham-core electronic tunes!

There’s a new EP of Elijah B Torn tunes and its an EP of survivors from the Vigilante Era.There’s 5 NEW tunes - all songs were written, recorded, produced and mixed by Elijah B Torn aka Sarge aka Sargemakesloops aka Charlie Foxtrot aka Thadeus Ignatius aka HW Torn.

Check out the cooooool new itunes page HERE!!! you can preview all the songs or even BUY it! Its less than $6usd!!! holy fireless yule log! thats less than a beer in new york city!

some scientific data and information:
David Spelman was kind enough to lend his guitar to mangling on “Nexter”.
Eric Perlmutter was gracious enough to lend his bass, guitar and drum performance to vivisection on “toybeets”.
David Torn was generous enough to lend his necklace of ears to mastering.
Scott Baker was compassionate enough to dissect album art.

AND a Bonus Track “FuckingVampireZombiePoachie” which was originally released on the “Welcome To World 2″ Compilation from

Go wassail and carol and decorate pagan trees and check out the music!

This is what the critics are saying:
“What the hell is this robot noise?” - US Weekly
“A clear danger to our national security!” Donald Rumsfeld
“Sounz lie afext win has sess wif Primuth” - Drunk Guy at the Dentist

Happy Holidays and a Merry Winter!