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Shukar Rough, Susie Suh Remix, Viking Cock

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005

My “Sarge- Shukar Rough” album is now available at Cdbaby.if you havent picked one up yet go grab it for the upcoming holidays!. It is also still available from Daft Alliance. I have been told it makes a nice soundtrack for smoking things.

Noah Jensen-Brodsky of Hellhoundonmytrail, Sleepwalker, Betray the Species and Title and I have started our Viking Cock album finally. It shall prove to be either awesomely horrible or horribly awesome. Anyway we have a myspace account set up already so feel free to add us and help make us come up number one on search engines! Viking Cock

Was digging through old tracks and found a remix i did of Epic recording artist Susie Suh, recorded long before she was famous and rocking a major label debut.

Susie Suh’s “Godlike”-

remixed by yours truly. Its quite a departure from what it was and what it became. Everything except her vox was recorded and written by me. enjoy.