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lab de loops Saturday April 4th!

Saturday, March 28th, 2009



Hans Blix dub/Puremagnetik EBT Kit/ TV…more Shows!!!

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Hey Hey Everyone, hope you are have a Happy Sunday!

Whole bunch of (free) news which i have outlined for speedy readers on the go (more expanded details flow freely after)

1. new Hans Blix EP with an Elijah B Torn Remix/Dub all for FREE!!! click here!
2. Puremagnetik custom “Elijah B Torn” artist kit (for FREE download) click here to check that out!
3. Elijah B Torn song on TV (watch for FREE!!!)
4. Whole big bunch of Shows Coming up! (some for FREE!!!) Brooklyn April 4th, Brooklyn May 7th and in Ithaca May 9th

the more detailed infos-

HANS BLIX is pleased to offer their new EP “State” fantastically recession priced at free. Please visit and click “Download State.” The link will take you to a page with two high resolution formats to download and also to hear 2 remix tracks by Elijah B. Torn and Jon Sheldrick (Fatty Acid). We hope you enjoy! We hope you enjoy, and look for Blix next at the Tea Lounge with Elijah Torn in May and at several festivals this summer (more info to come).

Puremagnetik now has Artist Kits as free downloads on their site. click here to check out my “Manxome Chemtrails” drum patches. It includes 3 circuit bending, glitching and sonically scientific signature kits for Ableton Live. They all have plenty of tweaking capabilities and like the name implies slithy Grokking Good Times and grittiness! check em out and drop them in your beats! There are also kickass kits from such talented artists as Gregory Shiff, Kamoni and Neon Stereo. If you havent checked out my interview with Puremagnetik check that out here.

Recessioned- me Musics on another short film!
I gots a piece of music on the awesome new website from Gabriella Kessler and Bryan Carlin.
click here and then click on 64 bond st.
what is Recessioned?
Recessioned is a lifestyle magazine for the recession.
Recessioned is the place for practical advice on how to do things on the cheap.
Recessioned is the place you go to after you’ve received an email saying that this is possibly the worst time to be looking for a job.
Recessioned is the place you go to when it’s 1am and you’ve made the mistake of checking your bank balance and can’t fall back asleep.
Recessioned is a community for you and me and everyone else not covered by the bailout.
plus I think they coined the term “recessionista”!

and last but not least- come see me live at one of my…
Saturday April 4th at TwentyFour/7 in Brooklyn 247 Stuyvesant Ave, between Putnam and Madison
Thursday May7th at the Tealounge in Brooklyn with HANS BLIX!! 837 Union Street FREE!!!
Saturday May 9th at the Lost Dog in Ithaca

all that a bag of chips, an album and your choice of fountain soda!!!

much love till my next visit to the grid…

Elijah B Torn