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Shukar Rough on KCRW!!!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2005

Two songs off my Shukar Rough Album were played on KCRW in LA! On Monday June 27th at 10:58 Nic Harcourt played a tune on his wonderful Morning Becomes Eclectic show. Then on Friday July 1st, Debbie Adler played another track on her show Broadband. It is such a widely respected station and I am totally thrilled that they played me! Hopefully some of their other many cool DJ’s like Jason Bentley play some of my disc too. Huge thanks to the DJ’s and thanks to skott at for catching the song on Broadband.

fyi- the link on the Broadband playlist takes you the cd’s of the former band Sarge. these are not my CD’s. My disc can be purchased at CANTSTOPEATING