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some things on soundcloud-

randomselection by elijahbtorn “>soundcloud

rather than just finding my tracks via the audio tags on the main page i keep this page updated with all of the random tracks i have posted to my site! (or just select the audio tag and it will filter to all of the blog postings too.)

12-879 (from “Bunker Fallout”)

01 12-879.mp3


drp-601 (from “You Are Lucky I am Not a Vigilante)

remix of Quinn-

Susie Suh’s “Godlike” remix-

destroythefactoids (from Children’s Music for Adults Compilation)

Somecrazys- (from Sarge Shukar Rough)

Dont Cry its only Sarge (from Sarge Shukar Rough)

Elijah’s Snare Song

Sleepwalker “Pathogen” remix-

Put Down that Science Pole - Where’s the Gold? remix-