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BlogLove: CreateDigitalMusic/MatrixSynth!!!

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

so the “You Are Lucky I am not a Vigilante” album preview video has only been up for a week and its been getting much love alll over our internet tubes! tis blowin up!

It started out the week on the MatrixSynth site.

AND then- the fantastic site/blog/forum/technology/brainchild of Peter Kirn/future of music site Create Digital Music has (what i consider to be) a way positive article about yours truly and the new album and the preview video on their site!

i went into more detail about how i am actually creating my scalar waves sounds as well other sounds on my new album in the article (with pictures too!)

so check out the article, check out the site, leave a comment etc!
if you haven’t yet watched the video go watch it!!! (either here or in the post below this one!)
article here

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animated Live Set!

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Lots of updates!!!

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

SO updates-

The album is complete! mastered! in advance of the release i have created a preview video….yadda yaddaaa…

view it right here-

Elijah B Torn New Album Preview from Elijah B Torn on Vimeo.

Also- i have a song on the Welcome to World 2 compilation for the site. They specialize and focus on music fo videogames and I dropped some grooving video game styles. The album Welcome to World 2 is now available to be ordered on the internet. The album is currently available for 7 US Dollars, or 12 US dollars bundled with their first anniversary compilation Music EXP
The website to order the album as well as find some free bonus MP3s, liner notes, links, and all that good stuff is

Recently I have had several songs of mine used by independent filmmaker, documentarianeuse, and longtime friend Gabriella Kessler in her shorts including a piece about artist Julia Pott on the site-
as well as on a short on

I will also be playing in San Francisco sometime round the first weeekend in November 6-9 tba and at
the Tealounge in Brooklyn NY on December 11th.