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Pics from DC Show

Sunday, February 26th, 2006

got some pics from the DC show at the Black Cat last month finally.



Monday, February 6th, 2006

Been pretty busy lately- The show in D.C. was totally awesome. I had such a great time and everyone was super nice and i seemed to get a good response to my music. Especially big thanks and applause (to the few people i saw perform before driving back to NYC to be in the studio at 10am!) mainly Doug aka D.A.R.K. from 302 Acid, Cedric, Slopes, Phatso Brown and Cory Gilbert. I hope i get to see the rest of the acts soon and hopefully play in D.C. again.

Also just finished recording and mixing some voice over for a presentation for UFO clothing. maybe that will lead to some cool military surplus style clothing to continue the military vibe of yours truly.

check it out!- I just found that carries Shukar Rough as well. click here to purchase.